Why virtual tutoring!!

Hi. After 17 years of providing virtual tutoring in maths I decided to become a freelancer. Our aim is to provide affordable and inspirational learning experiences for maths students who want to make rapid progress. How we support and educate our future generations has change dramatically over the last 15 years and the rate of change is increasing through significant advances in technology.

The reasons are listed below. Hover over an image and read why even schools are turning more towards virtual teaching.

Value for money.

Rapid and sustained progress.

Qualified and experienced teachers. 

Reduced carbon emissions.

Screen and audio recorded.

Flexible, working around your needs.

 Stretch and challenge the more able.

Less able, boost 

confidence and self-esteem.


Below are just a few of the many testimonials from some parents of students I have tutored over 20 years. In every session I try to communicate the joy I have for doing maths,  and the pleasure it gives me when student becomes confident and conquers  their anxieties.

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