Frequently asked questions

How do I know my child is safe online?

Safeguarding is the most important aspect of what we do here at All our teachers are currently enhanced DBS certified and we several safety procedures in place and rigorously applied. We also expect parents/carers to be present in the room during the tutoring session.

Can I reschedule a session without paying?

Yes! Just go into your account:

  1. Find the session you want to reshedual
  2. Identify a suitable replacement session from the schedule
  3. Click to confirm the new session
  4. An email will confirm the resheduling session
  5. Your done!

Assessing my childs ability?

The teacher is the specialist and after a few sessions can readily identify gaps in knowledge and the current level of the student. We enhance this with a third party independent online assessment system. For primary this is AtomLearning, and secondary through mymaths.

Help with SEN children?


What equipment do I need?

Audio requires a headset with a mic. For drawing on the screen a students should use a table with a pen, if not you can use the mouse.

Can I book a regular session?

Yes. Book as many or as few as you want. We do not reserve sessions for specific students, parent pre book to ensure they reserve sessions they want.

How do you monitor the quality of a lesson delivered by the tutor?

We use a few different methods: 1. All tutors are vetted and trained to meet our standards. 2. We us a system of moderators who invisibly drop into a session. They are there to ensure tutors deliver content as per the Personalization programme to meet the needs of the student. 3. All sessions are recorded and available to the student for revision and parents for monitoring. 4. Students review each session (TBA)

Can another of my children join the session?

Yes they can but it needs to be planned and tested in advance. The flat rate fee foe joining is £10 per session.

What happends if we disconnect?

This ocassionally happens, we just try to reconnect or revert back to something like Skype.

Why do you video the sessions?

We don't. We never video face to face in any of the sessions. Cameras are set to disable meaning they cannot be switched on. We record that happens on the whiteboard in the classroom and the audio, conversations and text messages. This is where the images and writing all takes place, its just like a computer screen really only you can write on it.

Can you help my son prepare for his exam.?

Yes we can. We specialise in exam prep through practice, practice and more practice. This is the foundation on which our student achieve outstanding results in exams.

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